Coffee in MontereyMaybe it’s sipping a latte from a real china cup. Or the tall terracotta pots spilling with brilliant flowers, or the bubbling fountain that reminds me of a Roman piazza.

Maybe it’s the way the sea rushes right under the pilings, swirling shades of emerald and jade.

Maybe it’s the large patio with tables and umbrellas overlooking Monterey Bay and the whole coastline.

Some people still swear by Starbucks, but Cafe La Strada at 400 Cannery Row is hands down my favorite place for coffee on the Peninsula. They brew Peet’s coffee, the service is great, and they have a good selection of panini, pastries, quiche and salads.

The cozy interior makes it a great place to hang out when it’s cold outside. But on a good day…. it’s all about the sea and the sunlight. Soak in the sunshine, listen to the waves crash: it doesn’t get any better than this.

Believe me, you don’t even have to drink coffee to love Cafe La Strada.

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