What the Locals Know – How to Get to the US Open

How will you get to the US Open, once you get to the Monterey Peninsula?  Here’s the scoop:  Complimentary general spectator parking will be provided at California State University Monterey Bay, which is located off Route 1 in Marina, Calif. Complimentary transportation will be provided to and from the main admission gate. This shuttle bus ride should take 20-25 minutes, depending on traffic.   For spectators who are staying in Seaside, Marina and Salinas, this is the most convenient way to get to the venue.

For those staying in Monterey, Pacific Grove and Carmel, shuttles are available for a small cost from convenient locations.  The shuttle from Monterey to the U.S. Open picks up and drops off at Cannery Row and Prescott, next to Steinbeck Plaza. The shuttle will run 6am-8:30pm on Thrusday-Friday, 6am-9pm Saturday and 6am-7pm on Sunday. The shuttle leaves every 20 minutes. Tickets are $20 per person each day, free parking will be available in the Cannery Row garage. See the Cannery Row website for more information.

The Pacific Grove Shuttle to the U.S. Open picks up and drops off in front of the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. The shuttle will run 8am—5:30pm on Monday-Wednesday and 7am—7pm on Thursday-Sunday. The shuttle leaves every 30 minutes and free parking is available a block away on Ocean View Blvd. Tickets are $20 for each day, or $60 for a seven-day pass. Tickets can be purchased at the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce at Central and Forest Avenues. For more information call 831-373-3304.

Shuttles from Carmel-by-the-Sea to the U.S. Open are $20 per day, or $80 for the week, and depart from Carmel Plaza on Ocean between Junipero and Mission every 15 minutes. The shuttle will run 8am—5:30pm Monday through Wednesday, 7am—7pm Thursday and Friday and 7am—5:30pm Saturday and Sunday. Free parking is available at Vista Lobos at 3rd and Junipero. Tickets can be purchased at the Carmel Visitor Center or at the shuttle bus stop. Visit the Carmel Chamber of Commerce website for more information.

All three cities, Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Carmel, have time-limited parking in the immediate vicinity of the shuttle locations.  If you find that the local garages and parking lots are full (which is highly likely!), an alternative is to drive into the residential areas and find a place to park on the street.  Be sure to park legally and not to block any driveways or other accesses.

It is not recommended that you drive into Pebble Beach without a confirmed parking place.  And if you do not yet have tickets, Monterey Bay Property Management has some tickets that are complete with parking inside the Pebble Beach gates.

If you are very brave and don’t mind paying a premium to park, many Pebble Beach residents within walking distance of the golf course open their driveways to parking.  The prices will be hefty, though, and you will need to arrive early in the day to secure one of these unofficial parking spaces.

In any case, welcome to the Monterey Peninsula and have a great time!

What the locals know – where to eat!

Where to eat on Friday night after a long workweek?  Yeah, even working in the Monterey Bay seems long sometimes!  But we are not without dining choices, certainly.  We decided on an unlikely spot – the Best Western Beach Resort Monterey hotel on Del Monte Beach.  One would not suspect that this would be a place for anything but a tourist-trap type restaurant – not so!  The menu is varied, including a couple of vegetarian choices, and the food was fresh and well-prepared.

Because of the large number of people on the Monterey Peninsula for the weekend, we elected to eat early to avoid the crowds.  That also turned out to be a good move in that we were seated at a window table, where we enjoyed the spectacular view of the beach and the waves crashing to the shore of the Monterey Bay.  While we waited for our entree to arrive, we watched an otter frolicking in the surf, also having his dinner.

The service was good, the food was good and affordable, and the view was wonderful.  By the way, don’t be deterred by the gated parking area.  Take a ticket and ask the waiter to validate it for you!

Monterey Cookhouse a hit with locals!

The Monterey Cookhouse, on North Fremont Boulevard in Monterey, is a hit with the crew at Monterey Bay Property Management.  “Great food at reasonable prices, said Managing Broker, Jan Leasure, about the Monterey Cookhouse experience.  The casual dining-type restaurant offers a varied menu and service customized to the diner’s dietary preferences.  While the chef routinely prepares the grilled salmon on the rare side, he had no problem accommodating a diner who requested that it be well-done; the well-done salmon arrived moist and delicious.  A vegan diner in the party who wanted a pizza was not only accommodated, but delighted with a wonderful vegan pizza creation that clearly demonstrated the chef’s creativity.  The Monterey Cookhouse is a restaurant that should not be missed by those visiting the Monterey Peninsula!

Why Choose a Vacation Rental Home?

With a TV commercial highlighting vacation rentals having aired in Sunday’s Super Bowl, football fans are discovering why renting vacation homes, condos, villas and cabins is a favorite choice for many versus hotels. Beyond the experiences families and friends build by staying in a home away from home on the Monterey Peninsula, there are numerous benefits to choosing vacation rentals – sometimes in ways they’d least expect.

Whether trying vacation rentals for the first time or if you’re one of the nearly nine in 10 travelers who plan to rent again*, here are some

Casa de la Estrella on the Pebble Beach Golf Course

Casa de la Estrella on the Pebble Beach Golf Course

planning tips and insights as a post-game update for visiting the Monterey Bay area:

•    KNOW YOUR DESTINATION: Whether you are a first-time traveler to the Monterey Bay or not, it’s recommended that you become familiar with the area’s special events, seasons and offerings.

•    LOOK FOR SPECIALS: During certain seasons, vacation rental packages can provide even more value, some with two-bedrooms starting at just $125 per night, with all of the typical amenities and more. Visit www.MontereyRentals.com to become familiar with various vacation rental types, reservation rates as well as travel specials available.

•    AVOID AIRLINE BAGGAGE FEES: Most Monterey Bay vacation rentals come equipped with washers and dryers. Travelers may choose to use these perks to pack less clothing, avoiding commercial airlines’ baggage fees and restrictions.

•    USE SPACE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE:  Monterey Bay vacation homes and condos can be from 500 to more than 5000 square feet, often costing less than a single hotel room by sleeping up to 12 or more guests, versus just a few.

•    SAVE ON DINING OUT: With full kitchens and outdoor grills, Monterey Bay vacation rental travelers often make and store meals and snacks for less, including football favorites like homemade nachos during postseason trips. Use local ingredients and recipes for more memorable mealtimes, like fruits and vegetables from the local farmers’ markets and fresh fish from Fisherman’s Wharf. This also provides healthy travel options, cutting the amount of calories typically consumed while on vacation.

•    ASK ABOUT AFTER-HOURS SERVICE: When looking into any vacation rental accommodations, check to see if there is an accessible customer service number for emergency needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and for after-hour requests.  There is always help available at Monterey Bay Property Management.

•    ENTERTAIN FOR FREE: Most of Monterey Bay Property Management’s vacation homes, villa rentals and condos include amenities not found in hotels, some with private swimming pools, whirlpool spas, game rooms, fireplaces, DVD players, Internet access, and game consoles. Many are also in neighborhoods with access to golf courses, tennis courts, fitness centers, hiking trails, parks, and beaches.

•    ASK ABOUT PARTNERSHIPS: Beyond the ability to live like a local in the Monterey Bay, vacation rental guests can also take advantage of our relationships with activity providers, shops, restaurants, tour companies and more. Guests can also opt for concierge-type services, including grocery delivery, personal chefs, in-home massages and spa treatments, to name a few.

•    REMEMBER BIG EVENTS: Whether it’s for football championships or national Bowl games, concerts, baseball series’, basketball or the US Open at Pebble Beach in June, vacation rentals can save fans from the hassle of finding multiple hotel rooms during big events, and on the cost of multiple reservations.

•    TRANSPORTATION: Other relationships to remember are those made between vacation rental managers and transportation providers, whether it’s rental cars, shuttle services, golf carts, bicycles and more.  Monterey Bay Property Management can provide assistance with all your transportation needs.

To learn more about available vacation rental options in the spectacular Monterey Bay, visit www.MontereyRentals.com as a comprehensive resource. Also visit www.mpcc.com  which lists more ongoing events in the area.

For general answers to frequently asked questions about vacation rentals or for more information, visit http://www.DiscoverVacationHomes.com as an official category resource. Also connect with travelers and experts in the Facebook vacation rental community at http://bit.ly/b4idHA and http://www.facebook.com/DiscoverVacationHomes, and join the conversation on Twitter @GoVacationHomes.

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