Monterey Big Sur Mud RunIt was wet and it was muddy.

In fact, it was extra wet and muddy. Because this year’s annual Big Sur Mud Run was held—appropriately enough—in the pouring rain.

Our intrepid reservationist Ashley Magallanes can attest to the fact: she was one of the 3,000 hearty (masochistic?) souls who showed up at Fort Ord March 24 for the five-mile gauntlet through wind and weather, mud pits, five foot-high climbing walls—and exercise stations manned by real life drill sergeants.

Individual runners showed up in tutus, tiaras, Hawaiian shirts (and in the case of one portly participant—a loin cloth over Speedos and a red cape), while teams wore tee shirts emblazoned with slogans like “Good Girls Like It Dirty” and “The Mud Studs.”

The winner made it through the crud and mud in just over 34 minutes.

Our Ashley clocked in at one hour and 19 minutes. And she cleaned up real good. The Presidio of Monterey fire truck provided cold showers after the race, and all proceeds went to support community athletic programs.

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