Surprisingly, some of the area’s best burgers are not found in traditional burger joints!

This, by no means, disrespects the great burgers found at Phat Burger on Del Monte Blvd. in Seaside, R.G. Burgers in Monterey (by Trader Joe’s) and Carmel (in the Crossroads Shopping Center), or American Burger on Lighthouse Ave. in Monterey.

Side note: American Burger on Lighthouse Ave. in Monterey gets separate bonus points because they offer Argentine Tango lessons there on Monday nights.

Honestly, I was surprised myself when I discovered these three restaurants had the most amazing, mouthwatering burgers:

1. Mauricio’s on Lighthouse Avenue in Pacific Grove (by Juice ‘n’ Java). This is a family-run establishment and we love their Avocado/Bacon/Cheeseburger. Don’t forget to order Mauricio’s special spinach salad, too!

2. Fresh Cream Restaurant at the NW Corner of Dolores and 8th in Carmel (by Adobe Inn). The burger will be found on Fresh Cream’s Lounge Menu, and if you go there between 4:30 and 6:30, they offer Happy Hour price breaks. Awesome!

3. And for the all-time most expensive burger you have ever eaten, try the Ambrosia Burger at Nepenthe’s down Hwy. 1 to Big Sur. Yes, it’s a great burger, and it is served up with the view of a lifetime! Sit on the patio, overlooking the most awe-inspiring view of the Pacific Ocean to be found anywhere, so you are paying for both the burger and the view. But once in a lifetime – why not?

Who knew?

Go try the burgers and see if you agree with us locals.